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Hair of the dog

From the Boston Herald, Jul. 27, 2010

‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ a barking good time

They should call it the Running of the Actors – that increasingly popular theater form in which a small acting company takes on a great many roles, and controlled chaos ensues. Many hats are worn and by the end someone assuredly winds up in some kind of absurd petticoat/tuxedo combo outfit.

Steven Canny and John Nicholson’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles” plants itself firmly in this category, alongside other recent productions of the same ilk – Patrick Barlow’s four-man “The 39 Steps,” Reduced Shakespeare Company’s three-man “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” and Charles Ludlum’s two-man “The Mystery of Irma Vep.”

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“Cats,” or: Reasons why I am a dog person

From the Boston Herald, Apr. 15, 201o

‘Cats’: Good fur nothin’

please don't eat me

I get it. I see now why some people despise musical theater. Because when they hear the word “musical” they think of this: people in furry ears and painted spandex, slinking around on a cartoony set belting repetitive pop ballads and taking themselves completely seriously.

“Cats” holds the record as the second-longest-running show on Broadway, just below Andrew Lloyd Webber’s other smash “The Phantom of the Opera.” Even though it closed in 2000, “Cats” continues to be synonymous with song-and-dance in our collective consciousness. But I promise you, haters: Not all musicals are like this. Thank the weird supernatural cat god for that.

Because Boston hasn’t seen it enough, “Cats” is once again hissing and slinking its way through town. This latest touring iteration features a top-notch cast that delivers on all the things “Cats” zealots love. But for something so long, intricate and popular, it’s got about as much matter and substance as a hairball.

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