the who with the what now?

JSHi hi, intertubes. My name’s Jenna Scherer, and I’m a writer, editor and sometime rabble-rouser living Brooklyn, NY. You can find me between the pages of Time Out New Yorkwhere I hold down the post of Deputy Copy Chief and also write about theater, film, and cultural happenings in NYC. I also usually have about 10 unfinished creative projects on the burner. Most of them are about either the apocalypse, people being sassy, or people being sassy during the apocalypse.

In case you couldn’t tell by the way I sweep my head dramatically from side to side every time I emerge into daylight from the subway, I’m still newish to the city, having transplanted myself here in early 2012 from Boston, Mass. During my six years there, I wrote about theater and arts for the Boston Herald, Time Out Boston, The Weekly Dig, Bostonist and other fine publications.

When I’m not writing or lurking beneath the footlights, I can be found walking my dog through the sordid alleyways of South Slope, climbing big mountains, drawing silly cartoons (see above), and defending to the death my right to use the Oxford comma. I have a penchant for unplanned travel, really good whiskey, used books, outer space, and fresh-shucked oysters.


2 responses to “the who with the what now?

  1. Andrew Clarke


    Thanks for coming to see The Random Caruso. I do enjoy when a critic actually listens to the play; it makes the criticism valid and helpful. From reading this and other reviews you seem like that rarest of breeeds, a theatre critic who actually enjoys the theatre. Hope to run into you sometime.


  2. Jenna,

    As your 5th grade teacher, and early reader and “critic” of your writing, I am pleased to see the career path you have chosen. Keep up the great work!

    Dr. Hofer

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